Monday, 25 December 2006

The Queens' Speech.

The Magnanimity Of Equanimity.
It is on this one special day, each year, that we should all put aside our intolerances, hatred and emotional shielding, and lay ourselves bare to our fellow man (women too, if you must!).
With this thought in mind, we can, perhaps, find some balance in our lives, some peace in our hearts and experience true love and appreciation of all life!
But please don't get too carried away with it, as a lot of you will be expected back at work, at some point, and with that attitude, you'll get absolutely bugger all done!
Merry Christmas!
PS. There ya go, Mrs Potts, not one mention of willies, bums, canabis or gay love, let alone the likes of 'anal fisting' and 'hedgehog felching'! It can be done, y'know!


Doreen Potts (Mrs) said...

It's all right Justin, sweetheart. I spoke to the Vicar yesterday and he said that I shouldn't judge and shouldn't hold your earthly doings against you - unless you pay extra (not sure what he meant by that, the tease).

He said that he knows you biblically - he's such a scholar - and remembers the glory where - I think he means "when" - he first met you. He's a lovely man.

So I feel happy now I know you're not a threat, and that the church will welcome you with open arms. At least Father and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will.

So Merrry Christmas from Terry and me, love. I look forward to lots more exchanges in the new year. XXX

Frances Oapen said...

Merry Christmas Justin babe and in the immortal words of the Flintstones theme have a gay old time!!!

XXX Fran