Friday, 8 December 2006

Hot Chocolate Star, Fish.

About once a month, I like to 'haul my ass' over to Ramsgate, just for a bit of a change. I used to go there regularly to hang out in The Earl St. Vincent when it was a gay pub but these days, I find it has little to offer in that respect. Still, bearing in mind my tender condition at the moment, I thought that a little 'bottie holiday' this weekend would be appropriate.
I remember the fun that I had the last time I ventured south and how I almost scored with someone very famous, indeed. His name was Steve and, although he looked like someone that the pikeys would reject for being a tad too scruffy, his claim to fame was that he played in the notorious gay band, Hot Chocolate!
I'm no groupie but a bit of famous cock is not to be sniffed at (well his certainly wasn't, I'm sure)!
After a bit of fishing, though, I came to realise that this sweetie was not only as straight as a die but also almost as homophobic as The Thanet Blog List, though, having said that, and now that they turn out to be 'not homophobic at all', you'd better go here instead!
I tried some of my best lines on him, like "Where you from, you sexy thing?" and "What kind of boy you looking for, girl?" and "Put your love in me", at which point he called me a wanker and walked off.

I never thought it would end like this. Serves me right for believing in miracles, I suppose. Disco Queen, my arse!


thanetbloglist said...

Hi Justin.
It's been pointed out to me that I shouldn't be judging blogs, and should be listing them, and so you are more than welcome on the Thanet Blog List.

I just wondered why you had doctored a picture of another blogger?

Anyway I guess it's no different from ECR's baiting of Dr. Moore, as so please accept my apologies.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I think you'll find the doc's the master baiter, TBL old chum.