Friday, 22 December 2006

Goosey, Goosey, Ganja.

Well I can't believe the cheek of some people (if you'll pardon the pun), but, at little soirrée at a friends place last night, this awful woman, who'd smoked a fair bit of cannabis, would not stop mauling me about.
I think she was trying to 'cure' me!
If, indeed, there was any trace of heterosexuality in me, I'd say that it's gone now.
And when I told her that, without her make-up, she'd look quite manly and I might then be interested, all of a sudden I was the bad guy!

Some people are just a bit too touchy for their own good, I think!


Lucy Mail said...

Sorry sweetheart, I thought you were enjoying it!

Jeremy J said...

Okay Justin, I'll go for the mauling instead.

Doreen Potts (Mrs) said...

I think this awful blog should be shut down. It's immoral. If it's not bums and willies it's funny smokes.

My Terry says he thinks he knows who you are, Justin, but I can't believe he'd know types like you. He said that he was sure you'd met on one of his motorcycle tours of kentish cottages last summer. I very much hope he's wrong.

And what's with all this jenga? I hope my Terry doesn't fall for your weird ideas and end up smoking his wooden blocks in the bedroom, because I'll be changing the nets every week. Mind, he did leave his Lego in front of the electric fire at our last place and it melted into the shag pile; that did smell.

I shall be in church on Sunday with my tongue poised before the Vicar waiting for him to moisten it and slide his wafer on to it. I shall say a prayer for you.

Justin Brown said...

Mr sPotts.

I feel it only fair to inform you that I think I may well know your Terry, too. Also, that he and I once shared eachother in a way that I can't imagine you'd entirely approve of.
Having said that, and in all fairness to Teary Terry, I found his rear quarters a little lacking in robustness for my tastes and reccommend that he puts his wooden blocks to good use with some 'firming-up' exercises, if he ever has the desire to be good company in that respect.
I had to throw those sheets away and, I think, no amount of praying is going to bring them back.

Yours sinrearly,

Justin XXXX