Sunday, 20 April 2008

Rodger Wilko.

Call me odd if you like but one thing that I find really appealing about Ramsgate is your wonderful branch of Wilkinsons.
I can spend hours in there, perusing their enormous array of goodies and just soaking up the wonderful, almost frenzied atmos.
It's also a great place to 'pull', for those of you that weren't aware. Though I'd imagine it difficult for anyone not to notice.
And, just across the road, there's the multi-storey car park, with it's selection of en-suite cottages.


Think I may pop over today, to satisfy my hardware needs.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

In For A Penny, In For A Pounding.

Finding blogger to be getting a little boring and what with being finally, once and for all, snubbed by one of my favourite ports of call in Westgate, I thought I'd hang up my brown hat for a while.
Now though, as the field seems to be heating up once again and I no longer have the Westgate contingency being constantly rubbed in my face (if you'll pardon my turn of phrase), it seems appropriate to make a come-back (again, apologies for the rather poor double-entendre).
Other than that, and the fact that we have fewer historical buildings in Thanet now, little seems to have changed!

Well, I have a new hairdo, but really didn't see much point in changing my profile photo on the strength of it.

How's it hanging, luvvies?