Tuesday, 15 April 2008

In For A Penny, In For A Pounding.

Finding blogger to be getting a little boring and what with being finally, once and for all, snubbed by one of my favourite ports of call in Westgate, I thought I'd hang up my brown hat for a while.
Now though, as the field seems to be heating up once again and I no longer have the Westgate contingency being constantly rubbed in my face (if you'll pardon my turn of phrase), it seems appropriate to make a come-back (again, apologies for the rather poor double-entendre).
Other than that, and the fact that we have fewer historical buildings in Thanet now, little seems to have changed!

Well, I have a new hairdo, but really didn't see much point in changing my profile photo on the strength of it.

How's it hanging, luvvies?


Lucy Mail said...

Good here, gay fella. Though, if you've read my last post, you'll know that not everything is 'hanging'.

Look, I hope this doesn't sound like too ignorant a question but I was thinking about becoming gay myself for a bit. Will I need to change my wardrobe, or is it ok to ignore the dress code?
I'm really not all that keen on dungarees!

Justin Brown said...

I'm not a big fan of labels Lucy, but if you really want to shout at the World "Look at me, I'm sooooo gay!", then you'll need to get a monocle. Forget about all that 'tash tush, that's last year's vogue. Though I can see some benefit from it on your side of the fence.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Have missed your posts. I'm heterosexual but interested in all things Birchingtonian.

Dick Rubin said...

Its good to see you back (not your back) otherwise Mrs. R. might be asking some difficult questions....not that I'd do that anyway.....not with a man....because I am a man.....obviously, I have a wife, unless I was a lezzer and had married another woman, which I would probably do if I was a lezzer as marrying a guy would kinda be counter productive....erm, what was I saying? Whats it like to be a gay??? No that wasn't what I said, just thinking aloud now, it is allowed, isn't it, being gayish? Erm...not that i am.....but....
Is it okay to wear tiffany cufflinks?