Saturday, 9 December 2006

Gays In Church.

As planned, I wiggled my butt over to Ramsgate last night, hitting the seafront like a battering ram, on a silver/black phantom bike.
Sorry, lapsed into a bit of a gay song, there!
Much as I like the harbour, it ain't all that in the winter and that wind cuts through you like scissors, sisters. So I decided to take my lushness up to Churchills.

How long has that place been a gay pub, then???

The whole pub was electrified with an atmosphere of gay love! I was particularly taken by the hunk behind the bar (or would have like to have been, at least ). He was as bent as a choirboy, you could see that in his eyes and his posture! I'd be pretty sure that the stocky landlady is inclined towards drinking from the furry cup, too!


May have to visit a little more frequently.

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