Wednesday, 20 December 2006

One In The Eye For The 'Straight' Guy!

Gracious me!
I do seem to be popular with the homophobes.
Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Far from it.
The popular and widely held belief is that homophobia stems from years of conditioning by a general, public attitude that same sex relationships can never result in procreation and thus, are deviant and useless.
While that may be true in principle, in my experience, pretty much everyone I've ever met has, in one way or another, displayed some sign of homosexuality, varying from very slight to quite extreme.
Also, in my experience, it's often the ones with stronger 'gay tendancies' that tend to bemoan homosexuality the most, in a huge effort of self denial, never stopping for a moment to wonder why they love to watch a bunch of scantily clad, lithe and muscular men running around a pitch, rejoicing when they knock a ball into someone else's hole and frequently hugging eachother.
Enjoying rugby, of course, would be taking this self denial to a considerably higher plane!

Who, among you, would deny that the vast majority of sexual encounters are purely recreational and have nothing to do with procreation at all?

So why all the fuss?

Come on chums, if you really want to be 'straight', be straight with yourselves and admit that 'gay bashing' doesn't diminish your urge to pop it in his bottie, one bit!

It's yourself that you're beating up, not him!


Anonymous said...

JB, you are spot on. Most homophobes are probably just frustrated gays themselves. Most straight men are around 93% straight. It's the seven percent you like dont you, you naughty boy.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I've bally well given up on bedroom antics altogether, Justin me old chum de bum. Fewer complications that way.

Still, each to their own, whatever floats your boat, any port in a storm, plenty of fish in the sea.... aaahhh lad, methinks I'm turning into a salty seaman!

Dane Valley Ted said...

I have always found it strange that homosexual men seem to try to defend themselves by trying to convince themselves and others that all men have those tendencies.
I for one have never considered or will ever consider sex with another man.
I have friends of your persuasion and I have never been bothered by them,because they know where I stand on this issue.
I would also like to know what you mean by frustrated,because from what I have seen it is a lot easier for for homosexuals to get casual sex than it is for us normal(straight)people.
You may have noticed that I use the correct term for your pre-deliction,I find the word Gay to be both misleading and misguided.

Justin Brown said...

Are you sure about that, normal Teddy? You've never considered that a man, being in possesion of one himself, would know exactly how to work your willy?
Never just fancied a little nibble on the end of it, to see what it's like?
Oh come on dearie, who are you trying to kid?
You seem to be a bit mixed-up about your 'friends', too. Your argument implies that your female friends, if you have any, ALWAYS bother you because you're straight.
Bet the missus isn't too chuffed about that!
I would like to know what you mean, asking me what I mean about something that I didn't say, if you see what I mean, which you obviously don't because I didn't.
In summary, I find YOU to be both misleading and misguided. Does that mean you're gay, by your own definition?
I'll bet you are a bit!

Soft Pink said...

I think Justin is right. Everyone on god's own earth is capable of anything under the right circumstances whether it be through an honest change in attitiude or opinion to a knock on the head to a side effect of prescribed or illegal drugs, whether by hypnosis, whether because our hormones go a bit crazy or because someone is a bit curious. Definately would partake with some woman on woman action if I was a woman! ;)

One Voice In Thanet said...

Dane Valley, the language you use - "persuasion", "us normal people", "predeliction" - says rather a lot about your true and underlying attitudes here.

I am a gay man. Frankly, I don't feel a need to defend or justify myself on account of my sexuality. I am not really interested in percentages of men who are gay, or who are capable of gay activity. Whether I am part of a 5% group, or a 25% group makes no difference.

What IS important is for people to understand and acknowledge that being gay - or homosexual if you prefer - is as normal as being what you describe as "straight". It is simply different. Majority/minority does not equate to normal/abnormal.

It would be great if you could absorb that lesson.

Soft Pink said...

I agree with 'One Voice'. People talk about minorities as if they have never encountered them before. Here's an example I have heard before that really bugs me. Listening to some quite pleasant sounding chap on the radio the other day who had called into a 'talk in' he said "I have a neighbour, he's an Asian chap, but he's a nice fellah...." like because he is Asian there is some doubt as to whether he is a nice fellah anyway? That gets on my nerves. I was also impressed by Peter Tatchell recently when he defended the Brighton councillor who said to two gay men "All gays are peadophiles". Tatchell basically defended that councillor's right to say that and opposed the 'stiff' sentence that was handed down by the JPs. People need to accept minorities, ie: Asian, Oriental, Negro, gay, lesbian, travellers and the rest as people, that is all! It isn't much to ask.

Dane Valley Ted said...

I was asking a reasonable question by my own terms of reference.
One voice-
this word is not anti,it is perfectly reasonable.
Definition of Predilection
n. 1. A previous liking; a prepossession of mind in favor of something; predisposition to choose or like; partiality.
The rest of my comment was to show that I do not understand certain things and I thought that justin could explain,how else do we learn?
I am sorry if my wording upset anyone,put it down to ignorance and the time of year.

Justin Brown said...

I'm afraid that I could no more teach you about the nuances of gay love, than another 'straight guy' could teach you about the nuances of heterosexual intercourse.
It's built-in, luvvie, part of the programming.

If you'd like to try to break that programming, however, I'd be only too pleased to help in any way that I can!