Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Christie's Whine Bar.

One of my absolute favourite Gay Bars in Thanet's Gay Capital is Christie's. There's always such a sweet crowd and I rarely fail to pull.
There is one delish young fella that gets in there, though, who's a bit of a tough nut to crack. But I like to have a stab, all the same. Whenever I try to chat him up, the conversation on his side is always peppered with 'my girlfriend this' and 'my girlfriend that'.
I think he's either a tightwad, as he never takes her out, or he's fibbing about the whole thing.
Whenever I talk to him, I'll put my hand on his thigh, stroking it gently and he never tries to remove it. He shakes with excitement, his face flushes and he looks around, furtively, like he's about to be discovered as the raving bender that he is, though.

He's absolutely gagging for it!

As I often find, it's only a matter of time with anyone!

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