Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Under The Doctor!

Leafing through one of The Adscene Groups' lesser publications (such a shame that they don't offer alternatives) today, I was a little surprised to find my face splashed across the front of it! Well, the front of page 9, anyway. There was I, squeezed underneath one of our prettier, fellow Northcoasters who was, in turn, sqeezed in under that dishy schollboy from the edge of teh known World, Ramsgate.

I could think of worse places to be!

If I'm to be ripped apart by the good doctor, I'd much rather be underneath him when he does it. I certainly wouldn't want to be ripped apart by his rapier wit, a sad fate which befell ECR, only last year!


Eastcliff Richard said...

Congrats on getting their Most Bizarre Blog Award, and to show there's plenty of hard feelings let me be the first to fellate you.

Justin Brown said...

So you wouldn't be the only one that was licked?
Seems fair!
I'll get a fresh pot of strawberry jam in.

Adem said...

hmmm... something similar about your photo and the Dr's....

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes, even more striking when printed cheek by jowl in the Thanet Times. I'm surprised the resemblance wasn't noted.

Justin Brown said...

Hey, look, I already explained that we both buy our clothes in Sommerfield! If you stop-at-homes got out a bit more, you'd realise that that is THE designer outlet in Birchington. Cheap too!
As for the jowl thing, that could be down to those memory foam pillows that I have and a restless night of chopping and changing sides.

Honestly, you conspiracy theorists!