Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Compromised Principals Syndrome (CPS).

Refreshing to see that even the World of Blog is not immune from our ever growing (out of control, like a cancer and so on...) litigation culture, with threats of legal action being bandied about like seagull poo, at the moment.
And people seem so proud that they currently have this weapon of ultimate defence/attack at their disposal. They also seem quite proud that the house they bought in 1995 for £50,000 is now worth over £200,000.
Because the same people that instigated all of this (solicitors, estate agents, building societies, government), stand to make heaps of cash out of it, so it's been 'sold' to us as the way forward?
Surely not, you say!
Well I, for one, don't believe that it has as much to do with improving my quality of life, as theirs.

And besides, what use would a World, where everyone has had their arses sued off, be to me?!


Train Spotter said...

See the law has caught up with the Wimbledon to Waterloo flashing Judge "It was not me it must've been another Judge" type of scenario who accidentally left his Honours Honour hanging to the floor. One less out the circuit for the time being. Next an Estate Agent and Banker perhaps? Then maybe some house prices will come down like his Honours pants. It all happens on the Wimbledon to Waterloo Express.

Lucy Mail said...

Wakey, wakey then, Mincer.
Did that last little bit of seriousness wind you, or something?

Justin Brown said...

Nice timing, Ms Piggy and if I may say so, how rude!
Still, nice to see that someone missed me, after all.