Saturday, 9 June 2007

Going Under Cover!

What with all this publicity that I've been getting of late, winning an award in a semi-national paper (some of them get recycled in Bradford) and being sued for libel by Canadian lawyers, I think I may have to disguise myself a little better, as I don't think that sunglasses will cut it now that the heat is on.
So, let's hope that this does the trick!


Eastcliff Richard said...

I suppose recent events at least go to prove that you're not Nick Dorman. Unless the whole thing was a plan to sue yourself for vast sums. Are you sure you're not Peter Wyngarde?

Justin Brown said...

I wish I were his girlfriend, Jenny, for two reasons.

a) I'd have a good excuse to fuck him on a regular basis.

b) I wouldn't have minded going face first into that dyke.

Anonymous said...

So who is suing you....? Cryptic clue atleast!

Justin Brown said...

Ironically, anonymous, a woman called Susan.
She claims that, after buying her drinks all evening, I failed to complete on the deal on the grounds that I didn't find her 'cocky' enough!
There's just no pleasing some.