Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Traction Or Retraction?

That was the choice offered to me in Christies Wine Bar last night by Rotarian Dave, the fella who's organizing our beer festival on Saturday.
Actually, I thought he was being a bit rough and feel that there was absolutely no need to drag me around the place by my throat but he made his point, albeit at the expense of a crack in the perspex cover of the jukebox and a nasty little lump on the back of my head.
I think I'll keep out of the campaigning business from now on.
So, Dave has gently requested that I correct one or two slight errors in my earlier presentation and point out that there are, in fact, a dozen beers on offer, some cider and that none of it is going to be 'almost frozen'.
I've also been asked, if I have any respect for my other testicle, to mention that it's all about fund raising for charity.

There, that done, would whoever has the key to these handcuffs care to come round and remove them from my ankle and my wrist. I had an absolutely miserable time in the bathroom this morning and a couple of experiences that I really don't care to go into to too much detail about, or repeat!

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