Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Cop Elation.

Buzzing Birchington Beer Festival would've made a better title but, thanks to a few yobs from Ramsgate that just didn't know when to stop with the cider, in the end we had to call the police to calm things down!
You can imagine, I'm sure, that noone was surprised when the police arrived and knew all of these trouble makers by name. What did come as a bit of a shock was when they started congratulating them for the lovely time that they'd had at The Winter Gardens last weekend and enquiring if they were going to organise a Beer Festival there next Easter.

Well really!!

I'm sure I've seen one of them before, a big surly fella, quite obviously from Yorkshire, that looked a little like Father Ted, playing-up in Churchills in Ramsgate. When I pointed out that his behaviour was a little unbecoming of a man in his position, the string of expletives that he poured in my direction was really quite startling. And besides, I rather think that 'you ar*e f*cking, c*nt' may be somewhat of an oxymoron, just in case he's reading this and is now sober enough to learn something.

Honestly, is Ramsgate really the paradise that Eastcliff Richard makes it out to be?


Eastcliff Richard said...

You sure he didn't look more like Father Jack?

As for Ramsgate at least it's about the furthest I can get from those oxymorons on Thanet Life whilst still remaining on the island!

Justin Brown said...

Father Jack? Would that be you, then? Is that why you communicate with the World via this media?
Don't sweat it, luvvie. You have a marvellous turn of phrase, an indomitable character, an incorrigible sense of humour and I'd still shag you at the drop of a hat (or bar of soap). Just may have to have a few beers first, bearing in mind that you look like I'd always imagined that Angina fella would.