Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Decaying Orbit.

One of the more noble things about us Birchintonians is, I think, our willingness to accept strangers into our midst. In particular, those strangers that are prepared to offer education, entertainment or both.
One such person, a rather planet shaped fella, arrived, very drunk, in Christies Wine Bar last night to give us a practical demonstration of The Law Of Conservation Of Angular Momentum.
Upon staggering into the place and swaying around for a bit, until he'd located the bar, he decided to use the gravitational field of one of the larger waitresses to accelerate himself and then 'slingshot' towards the lager pumps. A great idea, in principal, however, small errors were made in his calculations which caused him to skim her atmosphere, resulting in a spectacular nose-dive into her moutainous regions. The resulting Tsunami, eminating from the tray of drinks that the poor lass was carrying, took the Brylcream off of a bunch of ageing 'suits' at a nearby table, the tray, itself, knocking the optic off the Malibu bottle behind the bar.

I can't help thinking that, had they used practical demonstrations like that at school, instead of a tennis ball on a bit of string, I may have payed more attention and actually learned something useful!

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Anonymous said...

That's one of the funniest things I;ve read in a long time. Thanks for the chuckle!