Thursday, 25 January 2007

Flying South.

Quite apart from being a popular euphemism for someone suffering from 'Pele's disease' (no, not the ability to play astonishingly good football (oxymoron?)), it can also mean taking off for sunnier climes, which, after having my coat ruined by an, apparently, educated thug, I fully intend to do!
Unfortunately, with limited funds, I find myself unable to jet off much further than Ramsgate for the weekend. Still, I wouldn't mind another stab at Burly Wolfman, behind the bar in Churchills, as I'm convinced that he's right up for it!

So, if any of you lovely bloggers fancy meeting up there, over the weekend, I'll be the good-looking fella propping up the bar, not wearing a beautiful, silk sheen, brilliant white, knee length coat with fluffy pink collar and cuffs.

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