Friday, 19 January 2007

Digital Doctor Has Finger On Pulses.

Having had one or two problems, of late, with my 'raison d'être', I decided to call upon the wisdom of my online Birchington chum, Dr 'Samuel' (proctologist extraordinaire), to see if he could help.
After a swift, but delicate, examination, he opined that my problem may stem from a combination of Thanet life and a diet far too rich in lentils and chick-peas, recommending that I ease up on both (but not until he'd left, of course!).
I can't honestly say that I'm too happy about that but if it's going to save all the embarrassment (and mess) that I've been experiencing recently, well, hey-ho, I'll give it a go.

He's such a good man, the Doc, and a wonderful lover (if a bit brutal at times) that it really does escape me as to why he has so few friends!


Dr. Love said...

Maybe eat more stodge (chick peas and lentils are for hippies)and look for guys with smaller dicks?

Eastcliff Richard said...

How peculiar that hole food should have given you such trouble.

Justin Brown said...

I think the problem lies in not chewing my food properly. One answer, perhaps, would be to liquidise everything before I eat/drink it.
Actually, scrub that. Liquid lunches are on my 'things to dispense with' list for this year!