Monday, 26 March 2007

Dogging A Fled Horse.

Walking along The Minnis and enjoying the last of the glorious sunshine, last night (was it just me or did the sun seem to hang around for a bit longer yesterday), I noticed a car along the end of the promenade with it's windows steamed up and the whole thing rocking like there was an earthquake.
Ever curious, I thought I'd sneak up and give it a little closer inspection.
Imagine my surprise to see some young fella's face pressed up against the window, contorted with pain and distress and seemingly mouthing the word 'help', over and over.
Imagine my even greater surprise when this lad manages to roll the window down and, there behind him, thrusting for all his worth, is none other than my old proctagonist, Horse.
Not quite sure what to say, I decided to tackle him over the fifty quid that went missing from my flat at roughly the same time that he did!
"Oh, yes, sorry about that Jasey-baby. Here," He said, reaching down into wincing boy's pocket and removing his wallet. "take it out of this."

Obviously some people are not happy unless they're ripping the arse out of someone!

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