Saturday, 24 February 2007

Flying Visit.

Dr. 'Sam' popped round to see me last night, for the first time in absolutely ages!
I know he's a busy boy, what with all of his business, leisure and marital pursuits, but I'm afraid I was a little huffy with him all the same. Well really, I have needs and feelings too, y'know. Also, I'm not able to go around to his place (wife and kids and all that) and after a close call with his wife and his mobile phone, I can't even text him anymore.
So, panting and drained, we drew up a plan to arrange further meetings via his blogsite (which will also remain unnamed), using coded keywords to discuss venues and times.
As he couldn't stay long because he had some important research to complete, regarding The Theatre Royal in Margate, I'm afraid it was all a bit add-hoc. Anyway, and without giving the game away by going into too much detail, whenever he uses the phrase 'in my opinion', it means he's up for a bit of 'how's your mother'.

I get the feeling we'll be meating quite a lot, from now on!


Eastcliff Richard said...

Would IMHO mean he's up for a quickie then?

Justin Brown said...

I don't think that he's ever had one of those!
Just as well really as I like to take my time a bit whilst 'pot-holing'.
It can be a dangerous sport!