Friday, 14 September 2007

Lost Boys.

Unfortunately for myself (and probably everyone else), I have the hardest time blogging unless I'm either drunk or hungover. It just doesn't work for me, otherwise!
So, after being invited to friends' last night and drinking a couple of bottles of wine, a few G&Ts and some grappa, I find myself fit-to-blog for the first time since fags were banned from pubs.
I must say I think it's pretty unfair that the government has been allowed to target homosexuals in this way but, when you think about it, this sort of thing has gone on since time immoral, hasn't it!

Who will be next, I wonder? One would hope that it'll be taxi drivers being banned from the road or old people being barred from post offices but, thinking about it, that'd be far too sensible a thing to do!

Nope, I've a feeling it's going to be trannies being ejected from church. Who would take communion, then?


Anonymous said...

You naughty boy, how dare you introduce the church into your sexually driven offerings and publishings. I am a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, and represent the Order here in East Kent. Since I left San Fransisco many years ago, I have rarely seen such immoral and irreligious thoughts on the screen as appear on this blog.

I have devoted my self to helping fallen angels, and raising souls, and all manner of other things, to take their rightful, erect position in life. I am sure I can be there for you too, my son.

Golden Virginia said...

Its ashame fags are now banned from pubs. I always enjoyed sucking on one and exhaling through my nostrils.

Justin Brown said...

While it's true, probably, that my prose is prone to promoting projecting and probing probosces, I don't feel it's fair to call it irreligious, as that sort of thing is the modern face (behind the mask) of the Church, itself, isn't it!?
I know, from first-hand experience that 'that' is, in fact, The Salvation Armies' most fundamental axiom!
However, I find it extremely difficult to think of all that *and* be an upstanding and erect member of society, a pillar of the community, if you like, so I'd prefer to let the religious side of things 'drop'.

Would anyone like a picture of my bottom?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Oh go on then.