Monday, 16 July 2007

Ashes To Ashes.

Having lived for months in dread and horror at the prospect of not being allowed to smoke in the pub any more, I now feel quite the fool and am getting the idea that this ban is actually the 'breath of fresh air' that the pub trade has needed for some time, now!
So long as the weather holds out, that is.
Last night reminded me of The Queen's Silver Jubilee, with people spilling out onto the street and mixing with all and sundry that happened by. And, as expected, quite a few of the non-smokers were out there too, their only other choice being to be stuck inside with the bores and cowards that simply don't have the gumption to enjoy a fag (I could show them a few things there)!

I think I may go shopping for my winter coat now, before all the nice ones get snapped up. I've a feeling that coat manufacturers are going to have a bumper year, this year.

Jobs for unwanted barstaff?


Lucy Mail said...

Standing outside the pub, taking gentle tugs on the fag, nestled between your lips.

Wouldn't have happened in my day!

Eastcliff Richard said...

What a boon for bar staff! Now that they don't have to go around emptying ashtrays all the time, the can leave the other detritus on the tables until closing time!